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Admission is going on for the Session 2018-2019


The MIG 21 aircraft placed in front of the College of Aeronautical Engineering has been the centre of attraction for the people of the entire North-east, as an Airforce aircraft in civil area inside the college campus is rarely to be seen.The MIG 21 is one of India’s most sophisticated and lethal fighter aircraft. The Aircraft was procured by the college after lot of struggles and hardships. The Govt. of India has immensely helped the college in fulfilling its initiative of creating the aeronautical awareness in the North Eastern region.

The Govt. of India has always provided its full support for the college in providing quality education to the students of North-East and has shown its involvement by handing over the MIG 21 aircraft for practical training purposes. The Indian Air Force handed over the aircraft to the college on behalf of Govt. of India.